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  • David

    December 13, 2021 at 6:16 am

    December 13, 2021

    I definitely see my false self with all its flaws and shortcomings when I look in the mirror. I do not see my true self, the person God created me to be. Thank God, Jesus does see my true self. He sees the potential in me and Is proud to call me His friend.

    This causes two responses in me. First, when I look at myself in the mirror (the spiritual practice of examen), I say I am flawed, but I am faithful and I will keep pressing on and living into the potential that God has created in me. I am proud to call Jesus my friend, my Lord and my King, and then I press on to the higher calling in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14).

    The second response is what I see when I look at others, especially those different from me and those living in sin. I try my best to see a child of God with God given potential locked up inside of them waiting to break through. I see someone just like me, a sinner in need of a friend and a redeemer. I try to see some one in need of Jesus. I say, there but for the Grace of God goes me.

    This leads me to a third possible response, how can I help unlock the God given potential that He has placed in every person. I know I can’t save them or fix them, only God can do that. Salvation is the work of Christ, Sanctification (Holiness/Wholeness) is the work of the Holy Spirit and I am neither. What I can do is to look on them with love and compassion rather than judgment and condemnation and live a life before them that reveals Christ to them. I can try to let them see my friend Jesus who lives in me. I can offer them the same Grace that I have received and tell them the Truth in love. That last part is the most difficult. Lord help me be a friend of sinners and an instrument of your Grace and Truth!