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  • David

    December 14, 2021 at 6:50 am

    December 14, 2021

    Jesus is with us always and will never leave us. I have experienced the Lord’s staying presence many times in my life. What has occurred to me as I have read these passages before is that Jesus is not just with us, He lives within us. He literally goes everywhere we go; He stays wherever we stay; and His Father is our Father. That is a much deeper relationship than a good friend coming over and sitting awhile with you. As great as that is, it does not compare to having Jesus’s staying presence within you.

    I am prone to wonder and I don’t always abide in Him. I get distracted, loose my focus on Him, and forget that He is there. I usually get in trouble when I do this. I use to think that He left me during these periods of self indulgence. It actually made it easier for me to wonder, if I thought He is not there.

    What I have begun to grasp is that He never leaves me because He lives within me. I may forget Him, but He never forgets me, and He is always there waiting to put me back together again. This reminds me of the chorus from one of my favorite Gospel Songs, “Small as I am” by Nathan and Tonya Horton: “Sometimes its hard to walk in His footsteps. When I stumble He understands, He picks me up, wipes off my sin, and Puts me on my feet again. Yes He loves me as small as I am.” It helps me to remember Emanuel’s staying presence. I am less prone to wonder off, if I know He is living within me and going everywhere I go.