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  • David

    December 30, 2021 at 5:36 am

    December 30, 2021

    Today’s Text and reading returns us to a familiar theme, unquestioned obedience. Joseph did not question the Angel’s instructions. Had he done so and remained in Bethlehem the consequences would have been severe for him and for us. In that regard Joseph, who is often overlooked in the Advent story, played a major role in the salvation of the World. Response, action, and unhesitating doing is an important part of faith and maturity, and not missing out on our part and role in God’s unfolding story of grace and redemption for us and others.

    You might be saying, well yeah if an Angel came to me, I would respond and act with unhesitating obedience too. I think we all have a tendency to evaluate and argue before we act in trust of God. I think what holds us back are the distractions of the enemy and our own self interests. We have two things to guide us through this dilemma: God’s Word, His Ways, and His Will as revealed in the Scriptures and the counsel of the Holy Spirit who resides within us. In that regard, we have an Angel living with us 24/7 and we are without excuse.

    Our problem is twofold: we don’t know or believe His Word and we don’t hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us. In my view, you either accept and believe the Bible as the written Word of God that is authoritative, inerrant, good for teaching, reproof, and training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16) or you don’t. You don’t listen or hear the Holy Spirit because you don’t know Him. I accept on faith that the Bible is the written word of God. If the Bible says it, I believe it. I hear the Holy Spirit because I have spent enough time with Him to recognize when He is speaking to me. The combination of these two relationships usually results in instant unquestioned obedience. When I don’t respond and act with unhesitating obedience, I either miss a God encounter or I suffer the consequences of hesitation or disobedience. Lord help me deeply trust in you like Mary and Joseph did.