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  • David

    January 2, 2022 at 6:18 am

    January 2, 2022

    First, I apologize that I referenced Sarah instead of JD in my reflections yesterday. I usually don’t listen to the Daily Text, I read it, so I didn’t catch the switch in commentators. Be that as it may, I hope you took time to listen to JD’s interview with the young preacher referenced in today’s reading. It was with Shane Claiborne, a young NEO-Monastic preacher, that stood up and read the entire Sermon on the Mount as his presentation for a major Christian Conference. This is in keeping with the simplicity of the point JD was making yesterday about life by repeating a single verse from Isaiah 40. Only the Word of God and the things of God endure, everything else will wither and fade.

    In the interview with JD, Shane quoted a question someone once asked Gandhi, an Indian lawyer and a political ethicist who led India’s movement for independence from British colonial rule. The question was, are you a Christian? His answer was I love Jesus; I just wish Christians paid more attention to Him. That is a simple, but profound response. Shane posed the question, what would the world look like if Christians really believed the Sermon on the Mount and lived that way?

    If you have ever seen Shane Claiborne or read his books, you know what he thinks it would look like. I am not suggesting that we all grow dreadlocks and wear burlap or adopt a monastic missional approach of restoration, relocation, and reconciliation, first espoused by John Perkins, a Christian Minister, Civil Rights Activist, Community Developer, and founder of the Christian Community Development Association, but I am saying as JD says, “are you ready for less withering grass and fading flowers and more of the forever enduring Word of God?” If so, you may want to spend more time in 2022 reading God’s Word and what Jesus says, and less time listening to what others say about what He says. My local Community of Faith, The Chapel Ministries, is going to offer a read through the Bible campaign. I plan to participate, what about you?