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  • David

    January 8, 2022 at 6:38 am

    January 8, 2022

    Immersion versus extraction is an important distinction for learning to read the Bible better. One I like even better is formational or transformational versus informational. Eugene Patterson, author of the Message, speaks of this distinction in his book entitled Eat this Book: a conversation in the art of Spiritual Reading. He says, “In our reading of this book we come to realize that what we need is not primarily informational, telling us things about God and ourselves, but formational, shaping us into our true being.”

    I actually think it is both. The Scriptures do reveal things to us about God and ourselves, but they are more powerful than that if we read them spiritually, which is what I think both JD and Eugene Patterson are saying. So what is Spiritual Reading? Obviously, books have been written on this subject, but for me it is not just getting into the Word but allowing the Word to get into you. It is meditating, soaking, ruminating, and digesting the Scriptures to the point that they not only inform you, but they reveal and reform you. This kind of reading requires that we wait and trust the Word and the Spirit to do the work of revelation and resurrection. Lord let it be so with me!