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  • David

    January 15, 2022 at 6:18 am

    January 15, 2022

    I think the key to today’s challenge, “The Word of God will be impressed on our hearts only to the extent it shows up in our every day walking around lives” is found in the answer to yesterday’s question, “Are you seeing the connection between the Word of God as written in the Bible and the Word of God as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ?” Christ is the embodiment of God’s Word, the word incarnate. If we are to embody the Word, we must become like Christ for the sake of others. A simple, but
    profound and comprehensive proposition.

    Becoming like Christ is a transformational process of sanctification and an act of consecration. The Holy Spirit does the work of sanctification within the heart of a broken and contrite believer. We consecrate ourselves through obedience and abiding in Christ. As I have shared before, this is more than a matter of believing in Christ and belonging to a church. It is a matter of being and doing.

    The spiritual reading of the scriptures is the simplest and most comprehensive thing we can do to appropriate this transformation. By reading and hearing the message of Christ, we release the Holy Spirit to do the work of sanctification in us. We also consecrate ourselves by faith through the reading and hearing of the Word (Romans 10:17). Thus, being and doing flows out of the reading and hearing of the Word. It can’t be that simple, but it is.