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  • David

    January 22, 2022 at 6:07 am

    Saturday, January 22, 2022

    You are the light of the world…………Hint anchor buddies, your response is found in Matthew 5:14. JD is right, I have always thought of today’s text, Psalm 119:105, as referring to God lighting the way forward for me as I navigate in the darkness, but JD and the anchor buddy catechism I gave you reminds us that “You are the light of the World, a city set on a hill can not be hidden.” God not only illuminates our path, but the path of others that do not have the light through us.

    It also occurs to me that the light we have not only switches from low to high beam depending on the situation, it comes on automatically when we encounter darkness. This is why we read scripture and get to know the source of the light before we need Him. We set the light that is within us on automatic and we do not hide it (Matthew 5:15).

    Unfortunately, non-believers are not the only ones driving around in the dark without their lights on. Some believers have either turned their lights off because they fear persecution or they don’t have any lights that turn on automatically. This why I believe that the next Great Awakening must start with the faithful. Additionally, like salt, a light that is hidden or that has lost it’s power (saltiness) is no longer good for anything and will be thrown out (Matthew 5:13), but that’s a reflection for another day.