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  • David

    February 1, 2022 at 6:52 am

    Tuesday, February 1, 2022

    I have always likened myself to Peter, flawed, but faithful. He was a fisherman and I am a fisherman. He stuck his foot in his mouth a lot and I do the same. I would also like to think I am one of those people who “have a way of being themselves without being about themselves.” I aspire to be like that.

    As far as people in my life that exhibit that character trait both in my past and my present, the first two that come to mind are my first love, Susan McClung Mills and my 2nd first love, Ann Cannon Mills. I have been doubly blessed to have these two women as my beloved wife and life partner. Both of them were and are very selfless and are always thinking of others before they think of themselves. They are authentic and true to themselves, but they understand that true life in Christ is really not about us. Our life is to be hidden in Him.

    I also had a pastor in my life that exhibited this characteristic, David Blalock. He was the instrument of God that led me to the decision that changed my entire life. He baptized me and set me on the path of transformation in Christ. It was his and Susan’s authenticity and focus on others that won me for the Lord. It is Ann that keeps me leaning forward towards the higher calling in Christ