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  • David

    February 13, 2022 at 6:16 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, February 13, 2022

    I have always equated Holiness with being like God because that is what the Scriptures say. Peter is quoting Leviticus 11:44 in verse sixteen (yes, I had to look it up). Jesus is Holiness because He is God revealed. That is why our goal is to be like Jesus for the sake of others. Holiness is to be like Jesus to everyone you encounter.

    There was a time in my life when I thought holiness was equated with being holier than thou. My early experiences with “Church” people was that they were judgmental, condemning hypocrites who were no fun to be around. They looked down on anybody that didn’t look or act like them and their rituals seemed to be a waste of time. Some of the most mean spirited people I have ever known thought they were Holy. They equated holiness with following their rules. To some extent, I used this as an excuse to not darken the door of a church for many of my formative years.

    Finally, after we got out of the Army and settled down, my first love started attending church as had been her habit all of her earlier life. I followed her out of some macho sense of being the man of the house. (A side note for all you men, being the head of the house also means that you have to be the spiritual leader of your household). In this little rural church in Tifton Georgia, I encountered Christ Followers for the first time and I fell in love with them and Jesus. And the rest is history as they say.

    Now to be clear, this little church still had Holier than thou folks and every church does, but I just smiled at them and said God bless their little knit picking hearts (not really). Seriously, I learned to pray for those who persecute you and to focus on building relationships with and being like Christ Followers, people who are trying to be more like Jesus. When you encounter holier than thou people, just dust your feet off and move on.