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  • David

    February 22, 2022 at 6:10 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, February 22, 2022

    I think we draw boundaries because we think it will protect us. We are insecure in our self-reliant, self-referenced false self, so we set boundaries to protect us from outsiders and to justify our belief that we are righteous and on the inside. When we do this we are putting God (Jesus) in a box of our own construction not His. This becomes our religious false self (Mulholland, 2006).

    I firmly believe that the real church is not a bounded set. It is most definitely a Christ centered set. It is not our place to define the boundaries. They are already set. No one gets in except through Jesus and the Cross (John 14:6). JD is spot on when he says, “If you clarify the center, the center will gently and graciously form the circumference. The conversation will cease to become about who is in the circle and who is outside of it, but who is moving toward the center and who is moving away from it, and how to encourage and embrace both.”

    The question that I struggle with is does this mean that everything is acceptable for those centered in Christ and His righteousness. Do we just say as long as you believe in and accept Christ, you are saved and everything else will work itself out. My answer is no.

    There really are boundaries, the witness of the Scriptures and the Spirit seem to make that clear. Everyone is acceptable, but not every behavior is acceptable. The difference is the center defines the boundaries not us. Therefore, we can’t declare something as ok that He has defined as sin and vice versa. Lord forgive me and correct me, if I have misstated your Truth.