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  • David

    March 3, 2022 at 6:37 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, March 3, 2022

    First, I can see how someone might take offense at JD’s use of the “ADD” metaphor, but I can’t understand why a brother or sister would take offense. If you have been reading the Daily Text for any length of time, you know JD’s heart. You know that he would never intentionally hurt or offend anyone. The metaphor he used works and I actually used ADHD in my reflections. It constantly amazes me that people who profess to be devout Christ Followers can be so easily offended, where is the Grace and Mercy in that behavior.

    Since we sheep tend to bite, I subscribe to a simple set of principles for interaction with one another that has served me well, especially in small group ministries. I call them “rules for engagement” and they are always a part of the covenant with one another and God that I help groups write before we begin to relate to on another. They are known as the HEART Principles. This is my version: Hear me and seek to understand me before you seek to be understood; Even if we disagree, let’s don’t waste time trying to prove each other wrong; Always acknowledge the greatness within me, I am a child of God and a person of sacred worth; Remember to look for my loving intentions first and give me the benefit of the doubt; and Tell me the Truth with compassion and love. Now if I have offended anyone, please forgive me and know that this was not my intent, but I will never apologize for sharing God’s Truth.

    Now as far as today’s text and the outside-in approach versus the inside-out approach to living and walking in the Spirit is concerned, suffice it to say that JD is absolutely correct, the outside-in, me focused, behavioral management approach does NOT work. The only thing I can add to what he has said is that the focus on Jesus has to be on His terms not ours. When we make our relationship with God on our terms, we are making Him an idol and placing Him in a box of our own construction. This is our “religious false self” (Mulholland, 2006). It has to be such that we have died and the life we now live is hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3). This is our “true self” our “Christ Self” (Mulholland, 2006). Lord let it be so with all of us who are a part of the Church that Jesus is building!