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  • David

    March 4, 2022 at 5:59 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, March 4, 2022

    I started to list all the takeaways that we have discussed so far, but for me the meta narrative of Peter’s Letters and the entire Bible is that of reminding us of what God has done for us before we were even born and how to respond accordingly. He has created and chosen us to be His children; He has provided a way of salvation, faith in Jesus; and He has caused us to be born again through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead (1 Peter 1:3) so that we can respond accordingly. Our response is to conduct our selves in awe, fear, and respect of all that and to be holy in all our behavior as He is Holy (1 Peter 1:15). Everything else builds on these two themes and explains how we can live that way.