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  • David

    March 5, 2022 at 6:35 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text March 5, 2022

    Today’s Text and this conversation makes me eager and hopeful that together we can find the right balance between being a “slave to God” and respecting, submitting, and honoring the government and governmental authorities. In my mind, government is a necessary evil ordained by God to maintain order and safety in a broken World that does not know or respect God. The answer is definitely not a merger of government and the Church. Nor is it just putting more good Christian leaders in public service.

    My back story is not like JD’s, but I have lived most of my life as a public servant employed by the governmental sector. I was answerable both to the interests of the people I served and the interests of the governmental authorities that funded and governed our function. I soon realized that those two are not always in concert. As an outreach and public service agent of the University of Georgia, I found that the programs we planned and the services we provided often met the needs of some constituents at the expense of others. My Doctoral Dissertation in Adult Education addressed that issue and supported that conclusion much to the dismay of those in authority over me.

    When I became a Christ Follower the disconnect between serving the interests of the people and government was exacerbated. Fearing God, telling the truth, and doing what was right in God’s eyes versus what was politically correct or expedient became a major conflict for me. I chose fearing and respecting God over submitting to the authorities and fortunately I was able to retire before they could fire me.

    I believe there is a line we can not cross in submitting to human authority. I look forward to following the Word, listening to the Holy Spirit and to each other as we seek to define that line. May God guide our discussion.