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  • David

    March 8, 2022 at 7:00 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, March 8, 2022

    It seems to me that JD is reaching the same conclusion that I did two days ago. There is a line we can not cross in submitting ourselves to human/ government authority. I don’t really see the difference between submission, compliance and obedience. Either way, I believe we can’t submit, comply, or obey human authority when it conflicts with God’s authority.

    I believe submitting means we obey the laws of the land, we pay our taxes, we render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and we render unto God what is God’s (Matthew 22:21). Let’s use mask wearing as an example. In my opinion, this does not rise to the level of conflicting with God’s authority. Therefore, even though I disagreed with the mask mandate, I did not resist or disobey human authority. It did not serve Christ for me to disobey. In fact it would have caused more harm to my witness than good. I wore the mask, if asked to do so, or I simply removed myself from the setting. It was not a hill that I was prepared to die on for Christ’s sake.

    The discussion of human conscience, biblical convictions, and working conclusions was helpful. I agree that human conscience is a melding of our instincts and values. It is a product of nature and nurture. Even non-believers can have a good conscience, but a good conscience can be fallible. It can denigrate into secular relativism and humanism where the individual gets to decide what is right and wrong.

    For believers, our conscience, our guidance system, our plum bob, our North Star has to become one with Christ and Biblical convictions, which are non-negotiable in my view. This is why I say that the only appropriate World View for a Christ Follower is a Biblical World view. I am still pondering as to wether my working conclusions are malleable. I want to remain open minded are offer liberty when it comes to non-essentials and charity in all things, but when it comes to the essentials my conclusions have become one with my Biblical convictions and therefore are ancient, unchanging, and immovable. These are the hills that I am willing to die on and in fact I already have in Christ.

    In closing, JD is right the bigger issue is wether we are “becoming the Church Jesus is building or will we become unwitting pawns of the political machinations of our time which move according to the ever shifting spirit of the age?” Am I a Christian American or an American Christian? Am I a Christian United Methodist (insert your denomination) or am I a United Methodist Christian. As for me, my loyalties and my allegiance are to Christ first and foremost.