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  • David

    March 9, 2022 at 6:24 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, March 9, 2022

    Slavery in all its forms is wrong. It was wrong in Peter’s day and it is wrong today, but it was the law of the land in Peter’s day and it was in America during a particular time in our history. Thank God, slavery is no longer the law of land in most of the World, although it still exist in the form of human trafficking and human oppression by ruling oligarchs and maniacal dictators and religious rulers.

    I still struggle with submission to such an evil institution. For me it is more a case of how to endure the reality of your present condition in “revenant fear of God” until God moves to change it. It is a matter of doing good in the face of evil even if you suffer for doing it. I think we do that by radical obedience to God’s Word and by clinging to the hope of the World Jesus Christ and obeying His commandments.

    I also think that the way God moves in the World today to defeat evil is through us. It is the Church that Christ is building that defeated slavery. I found JD’s list of strategies that the Church Christ is building is not using helpful, but I might take issue with what he calls “personalism.” I think sin and evil can be defeated one person at a time through repentance, allegiance to Christ, and revenant fear of God. I would add to his list of questions for the Church Jesus is Building, What are we doing to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission to make Disciples of all nations, which I believe is the greatest omission (Dallas Willard) in the modern church today.