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  • David

    March 14, 2022 at 6:21 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, March 14, 2022

    JD said it yesterday and he said it again today. The Christian way of being is all about our relationships. If our relationship with God and others is not good or we are harboring unforgiveness, then the “channels” are not open and clear. Grace, mercy, forgiveness and love can not flow in and through us.

    The problem is that our relationships are vitally important, but they are not urgent. We tend to get distracted or busy with other things like doing or behavior management and ignore our relationships. What Jesus, Peter, Paul, and JD are all saying is that “Righteousness is not fundamentally about right behavior but right belonging to one another. It is about right relationships.” That is why the deeper journey is a matter of both being and doing. It a matter of being in a loving union with God that manifest itself in profound love for others and Christlike living in the world.

    So how do we manage our relationships. Well first, we have to make them a priority, God, others, and then myself. We have to invest time in cultivating and nurturing our relationships. We have to repair broken relationships as soon as possible. I have also learned that we have to go first and we have “to love them like we have never been hurt” (Franklin Jentezen, 2018). Lord if it is possible and as far as it depends on me, let me be at peace with everyone.