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  • David

    March 17, 2022 at 5:43 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, March 17, 2022

    How do you deal with the confounding nature of Jesus, his Gospel and his Kingdom? Are you prepared to give an answer for the reason for the hope that is in you to everyone who asks?

    First, I strongly believe that the reason for the hope that I have in me is Jesus Christ. My hope is not in this World, the modern church, or other people. I learned long time ago that if you put your hope in man, you will be disappointed. My hope is in Jesus Christ alone and I fear no evil because Jesus Wins.

    As far as dealing with the “confounding” nature of Jesus, His Gospel, and His Kingdom is concerned, that is much more challenging for me. My false nature is to be defensive and to walk softly ( those who know me well would say not so softly) and to carry a big stick. My favorite motto is “Don’t Tread on Me.” I fly the Gadsden Flag proudly below the American Flag in my front yard. This is my “American Christian” nature.

    However, my true self, my Christ like self, my Christian American nature is really who I am becoming. I accept and try to practice the counterintuitive practices of Jesus and the Kingdom of God on Earth that He is building as softly as I can. I accept this approach not only on faith, but because I know it works and even if I suffer for doing what is right in His sight, I always win.