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  • David

    April 8, 2022 at 5:42 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, April 8, 2022

    First, I am like JD in that I have never really suffered persecution like the early disciples did. I grew up in the church age of Christendom in America, so I/we have never really been tested like real Christians in other countries. But the age of Christendom is over in America and has been for quite some time, so persecution is on the horizon and in some cases is already here if you truly belong to Jesus and are not a Christian in name only. The Church that Christ is building will increasingly come under persecution from both inside the Body of Christ and from the woke culture in which we live, so you better get ready, you are fixing to be tested, if you have not already been.

    As far as “meddling” is concerned, I have been doing that ever since 2000, when I first realized how broken the church in America really is in general and specifically how broken my denomination, the United Methodist Church, is. The battle between conservatism and progressivism is a futile and destructive rot within today’s church and it needs to be resolved by separation. It is time to remove the leaven from God’s House. How is that for meddling?

    I also agree with JD, “neither are viable strategies for the Church Jesus is building. The Church must have a biblical theology, period.  The answer is not some comprise or middle ground between conservatives and progressives. The answer is in a third way, Jesus’s way, period. My question is what does a “biblical theology” and the church that Jesus is building really look like? I look forward to our discussion of legalism and license over the next few days.