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  • David

    April 17, 2022 at 7:38 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, April 17, 2022

    He is Risen, your turn….. Easter is the English word for the Greek term Pascha, which in the Bible is translated from the Hebrew word Pesach which means Passover. Easter and Passover do not always coincide because of a confusing way of establishing the liturgical calendar using both the solar and lunar calendars. However, Easter and Passover always occur at generally the same time of year.

    Why am I sharing this with you? I am not sure, but this year Passover and Easter do coincide and even more rarely it also coincides with Ramadan, the Muslim Holy days. So, this week all the major religions of the World are celebrating the same Holy Week. You can ponder the significance on your own or google it, but it is prophetic in my mind and is a reminder that all of humanity has the same roots and worships one God.

    The BIG difference in these events is that we Christ Followers worship an empty tomb and a Risen Savior today. One who has conquered the law of Sin and Death for all who believe in Him; who has crushed Hell and binds Satan; and now sits at the right hand of the one God to judge the quick and the dead for evermore; and will someday soon come back to claim the Church He is building on earth as it is in Heaven to rule the World with the Saints in Heaven. Now that’s something to celebrate!

    Two final thoughts and again I don’t know why I am sharing this either, but the Holy Spirit’s nudge is too strong to resist. First, one of the eye openers from our Study of Peter that I don’t think I mentioned yesterday was our revisiting and remembering the Apostles Creed, which does not appear in the Bible, but has served the Church for over 2,000 years as the clearest statement of our fundamental beliefs. Unfortunately today, most churches have dropped this from their orders of Worship. Even more unfortunate, they have omitted the phrase “He descended into Hell.” I think this is significant and hopeful for all the dead before Christ’s crucifixion. I believe He ministered to the dead, shared the Gospel with them, and made the Devil grieve.

    Secondly, a Good Friday ritual for me is to watch “The Passion of The Christ.” This is not an easy feel good movie because most of it focuses on the actual trial and brutal crucifixion of our Lord. I always end up exhausted and sobbing, but it ends with the scene at the empty tomb. The thing I noticed this year in the scene where Jesus cries out it is finished, the movie uses “It is Accomplished.” Now I don’t subscribe to looking to Hollywood for anything. Therefore, I will stick to Biblical translation and John 19:30, but it did catch my attention and adds meaning and understand. Jesus’ last words mean that the Jewish sacrificial system of reconciliation is finished as evidence by the splitting of the Temple and the rent veil between the outer court and the Holy of Holies at the moment of His death? It meant that His suffering was finished and His work on Earth was finished. The debt of Sin was paid in full and that the Father’s will that he prayed for in the garden was accomplished. Happy Resurrection Day, Christ has risen indeed!