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  • David

    May 1, 2022 at 6:28 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, May 1, 2022

    I have three academic degrees and I spent over thirty years of my life working at The University of Georgia. My “sacred pathway” is my intellect, but I fully support everything that JD is saying and the warning that Paul presents in today’s Text and in his other letters to the churches in the 1st Century.

    I have experienced first hand what the “Academy” can do to steer young Christian minds away from the wisdom found only in Jesus Christ. If you have college age Children, make sure you heed this warning and guard against heresy by making sure your college students are involved in campus based Christian ministries like the Wesley Foundation. And don’t think that just because your child is attending a “Christian” University that they won’t be exposed to “woke” professors and vain speculation masquerading as wisdom.

    As an Educator, I can really resonate with JD’s statement that “So often Christians can be bullied with the attack of being narrow-minded as though open-mindedness were somehow a more virtuous option.” I personally experienced this as a university professional and in my pursuit of advanced degrees. The Christian Faith is considered by many as narrow-minded because of our core beliefs in one God and only one way to God in Jesus Christ. This is why Jesus tells us that the World will hate us because they first hated Him (Mark 13:13, John 15:18-19).

    Open-mindedness is the greatest failure of the modern church today. I am not a fan of the United Methodist’s Church’s motto, “Open hearts, Open minds, Open doors” for this reason. Faith in Christ and God’s word is narrow and it is not open minded, but it is definitely sound-minded. Our hearts are open to profoundly love all people, and the doors of our churches should be open to all, but our minds are conformed only to the mind of Christ. I encourage you to be conformed to the mind of Christ; to put on the full armor of God, and to stand firm in your Faith in Jesus regardless of the consequences and worldly persecution even from within the church.