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  • David

    June 30, 2022 at 6:15 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, June 30, 2022

    Am I tracking with the larger story and do I understand what “Discipleship of Memory and the Apostolic Imagination” means. If you clicked on the links and read the excerpts from Josh MCNall’s book, Long Story Short: The Bible in Six Simple Movements, you will have a better idea of what JD is talking about.

    For me, the discipleship of memory is the practice of reading, studying, and meditating on the word night and day (Joshua 1:8, Psalms 1:2). This means you have to “eat this book” (Ezekiel 3:2-3) daily for your spirit the same way you eat food daily for your body. Eugene Peterson, the author of The Message, wrote another great book, Eat this Book: a conversation in the art of spiritual reading, that tells you how to practice this essential spiritual discipline. There simply is no substitute for this discipline, if you truly want to know God’s bigger story and understand where you fit into it. Unfortunately, too many of us are too busy trying to write our own story.

    Apostolic imagination is much harder. For me, it means actually doing what the Word says and walking in the Spirit not the flesh. It is knowledge and faith (memory and imagination) in action. Without this our faith is dead and our life has no meaning or purpose. What the Apostles imagined (their vision) was the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven now not later. We need to reclaim and restore that Apostolic imagination and the Apostolic genius of the early Church.