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  • David

    July 2, 2022 at 7:08 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, July 2, 2022

    Pondering that the way to learn about the Holy Spirit is to “immerse yourself in the life of Jesus; in the story and the stories from the gospel accounts” reminds me of the importance of the words written in red (what Jesus said) and focusing on what Jesus did in order to understand what Jesus is doing today through us. I am learning to have the mind of Christ and to look at things the way He does and to do what He tells me to do through the prompting and remembering that the Holy Spirit gives me in my life situations.

    I remember a Holy Spirit story in my life that is different from the one that JD shared today, but I think the point is the same. This was years ago. I was traveling through Atlanta, when the Holy Spirit reminded me that the Father of a close friend of my wife was in a hospital in Atlanta with a terminal condition and was very close to death. I felt compelled to get off the Interstate and go to the Hospital to see them. I thought I would just visit with them in the waiting room, have a quick prayer and leave.

    When I inquired where they were, the nurse said they wanted me come on back. When I got in the room, the only people there was my wife’s friend and her Mother. I stood at the foot of the hospital bed not knowing what to say or do. Somehow, I ended up praying with them and trying to comfort them. As I prayed, I realized the man was actually dying. As he breathed his last breath, the nurses came in and confirmed that he was gone. We all embraced and wept, and then I slipped out and went on my way. Later at the visitation, they told me what a comfort it was to have me there with them at the moment of his death. They said, God had sent me to be with them at that particular time and place.

    Here is my point and what I am getting out of JD’s Holy Spirit story and his line of thought. I did not pray for the man to be healed or for him to rise up. I did not tell the Mother and Daughter to not be afraid, only believe. I really don’t know remember what I said. I only know that I was obedient to the Holy Spirit (Jesus) and as a result, I was there when they needed somebody and what I said was helpful. Maybe I should have prayed differently, more “straight line,” but I think what is important is obedience to what the Holy Spirit tells us to do and say at the time. I don’t think praying scripted prayers is the right approach. Let me know what you think.