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  • David

    July 6, 2022 at 7:21 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, July 6, 2022

    I speak mostly about Jesus, which I don’t view as a problem. I think I understand what JD means when he says “speak Jesus.” If he means, do I pray in the name of Jesus; do what I do in the name of Jesus; and lift up the name of Jesus, then I speak Jesus. There is power in the name of Jesus and I can do nothing apart from Him (John 15:5).

    What struck me about our Text, Acts 3:16, and the reading today is the word My. Jesus said you will be My Witnesses and I will build My Church. We belong to Him not to ourselves. He is building His Church not us. This begs the question that if it’s not about me and my church what does it look like to be His Witnesses and what does the Church He is building look like?

    I have often asked myself, if Jesus came back to Earth for a visit would He go to my church? As we have discussed before, our religion is not an it. It is a He. It is not about our form of religion, it is about The Form (Jesus) and His purposes and ways (functions) for us. Our form must conform to His Form and serve His function. Form should always follow function and if it doesn’t the solution is not to change the function, but to change the form. Unfortunately, for many of our churches His function is being hampered by our form and I am not sure He would visit our churches except to clean house like He did when He came the first time.

    Two things occur to me. First, we are the Church Jesus is building. We are the Body of Christ and His witnesses. Secondly, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit not the buildings, budgets, and bureaucracies we have formed around Him. He is forming us to be His Witnesses and the Church He is building is in us. I think that when He comes back He is coming for those who love Him, are abiding in Him, and are called according to His purposes.