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  • David

    July 30, 2022 at 6:43 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, July 30, 2022

    I most definitely remember my water baptism. I was in my twenties, married and fresh out of the Army. We had two little boys. I was working seven days a week in a job that I hated. We were barely able to make ends meet. My wife was taking the children to a small Methodist Church on the edge of town. I attended when I could, but wanted nothing to do with Church. In time, I realized these people had something that I wanted and I joined the church on profession of faith and was baptized at the alter with my two boys on either side of me. I am confident that I received the Holy Spirit that day and the rest of the story, as they say is history.

    What struck me about today’s Holy Spirit story, is the phrase “I received my Holy Spirit Baptism.” The idea of a separate or second baptism of the Holy Spirit as a different baptism from your water baptism has always troubled me. I too was exposed to the spiritual abuses of and the false teaching of the “Full-Gospel Church.” They cast doubt on my faith and my receiving of the Holy Spirit because I did not speak in tongues or operate in the gifts, and perform signs and wonders as they described them.

    I will spare you my usual rant about this and I do not mean to be critical of those who believe differently, but I believe we all receive our Holy Spirit Baptism at our Water Baptism. We don’t need a special program or someone else to lay hands on us to receive it. However, I also believe that we don’t fully comprehend or release what we have received at the time of our water baptism. That is a lifetime process of discipleship, and surrender and submission to the Holy Spirit that is evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit and a profound love of God and others.