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  • David

    August 1, 2022 at 6:27 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, August 1, 2022

    JD does have a way with words. I believe he has captured for us what it means to become more like Christ for the sake of others; to abandon our false self; and to put on our new true self in Christ. “Jesus does not work by a functional model of change. He works by a transcendent model of formation. Jesus is about transformation not reformation. We are not reforming ourselves with God’s help. God is transforming us with our participation….Transformation is a process of the transfiguration of our inner person; of becoming that which is presently beyond our ability to comprehend. It is not the recovery of a past form but the receiving of a future form in the present state…Transformation is a gift. In fact, it is a glory. It comes not by functional activity but by transcendent receptivity.”

    Reforming or revitalizing what is does not work. It implies that what was, our past form, is ok. The reality is that we are born dead in our trespasses and we don’t need to try to return to, reform, or revitalize what was. We need to be born again and become a new creature in Christ. Jesus is making new wine out of us not just a better version of what was. Our participation in this spiritual process is receiving, surrender and submission, our doing must flow out of this.