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  • David

    August 2, 2022 at 7:07 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, August 2, 2022

    I am going to be brutally honest and say I find this frustrating in that we seem to be having an academic argument and we are discussing the same principles over and over again. I believe in and I think I fully understand these fundamental concepts of the Gospel. I have personally experienced the difference between transactional religion and transcendent faith. I crossed that bridge years ago. I have been preaching/teaching the same message for years.

    As I have shared many times before, what I struggle with is the lack of or slow pace of spiritual transformation in myself and others. Why am I not farther along in the process? I am sure JD would say it is because I have not let go of the rope (I still want to control it). Others would say, you won’t ever be fully transformed made Holy (sanctified) this side of your bodily resurrection, so quit trying and just receive His Grace and Love. Some would say, that I have not been really broken by God. They may all be correct, but that does not help my discontent with my present state.

    Is there something that I am doing that I should stop or is there something that I am not doing that I should start, but the minute I go down that road I am right back to a transactional faith and legalism. Even the principle of letting go of the rope and moving into the deeper water can become a self-referenced approach to transformational change.

    I think JD is on to something with his “massive re-approach” to the Gospel that is focused on the Gospel Himself – Jesus Messiah. Conceptually, I would say that it is about beholding, becoming, and blessing. It is really not about me and my transformational progress. Practically, it is about thinking less about myself; listening to Him; and just doing what He says. What do you think? Am I just talking in circles and getting no where?