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  • David

    August 11, 2022 at 6:59 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, August 11, 2022

    Today’s text and reading prompted me to think about my Tishbe training camp. For over forty years I have been reading, studying, and teaching the Scriptures, immersed in church programs and activities, and slowly getting to know and trust the Holy Spirit that lives in me. My focus was being in the World for Christ. About ten years ago, “the Word of the Lord came to me.” He said leave all of this and pursue a life in Christ for the World. That journey has led me to my current “wilderness of testing.” A place of surrender and submission, and total dependence on God for food and water. I can’t wait for what’s next in the Kerith Ravine and I am sure it won’t be glamping.

    I can’t resist offering a word of caution to believers that read this and think that this is really simple. “It is showing up just as we are with all that we are and saying, Holy Spirit, I am here to be reoriented and recalibrated in the ways of Jesus; to trade my knowledge in for real knowing, to surrender my initiative and receive your indwelling. I’m tired of running after the word of the Lord. I am ready to let the Word of the Lord come to me.” This is a very true statement, but it is more complex than that. You can’t skip the Tishbe training camp and the journey. You can’t just receive it without a time of crushing, pressing and molding, and that takes time and participation on our part. I welcome your push back on this.