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  • David

    August 19, 2022 at 7:08 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, August 19, 2022

    “Do you tend to think/expect the normal state of life should be ease and comfort and smooth sailing, or difficulties, challenges, problems and choppy seas?” My answer is an emphatic NO! Only a fool or the young and extremely naive think that way. We live in a broken, dark and sinful world controlled by Satan, where hardship, difficulties, challenges, problems, and suffering is to be expected. Jesus told us so, long before M. Scott Peck wrote his book.

    I too read his book and it had a profound influence on my life in the seventies when I was young and stupid, without Christ. His basic premise is true. Acknowledging that life is difficult is the first step in transcending those difficulties no matter what they are. You have to “face the Giants” in your life. His prescription for self discipline and delayed gratification are in the best spirit of the self-help genre that he helped launch. He claimed to be Christian, but Peck “denies practically every major doctrine of Christianity while advocating an unbiblical morality.” He believes that the Bible is a flawed book. Does that sound familiar?

    What Peck left out is the Way, the only one who has truly transcended and overcome the World, Jesus Christ the Messiah. JD actually says it very well, “Once we behold this truth, who is Jesus, life does not cease to be difficult, but we become empowered through an abiding union with him to transcend life’s difficulties.” Jesus defeated Satan and the Law of Sin and Death, and if we abide in Him, we can too, and nothing, not even death can separate us from His love. When I became a man of one Book, adopted a Biblical Worldview, and started following Jesus, my problems actually got worse, but thanks be to Jesus, I have transcended and lived through them all. His track record in my life is 100%.