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  • David

    September 3, 2022 at 7:18 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, September 3, 2022

    My story is different from Suzan’s, but it’s the same experience of being “rooted and established in love.” I sense that I am at crossroads in my spiritual journey and my ministry. For the past twenty plus years, I have been struggling and striving with a divided church and a divided country. I felt that if we made true disciples of God’s people that this would address both problems. I still do, but I sense God is taking me and my discipleship ministry in a different direction, but that is not what I want to share this morning.

    Last Saturday morning as I was reading the Daily Text and the Holy Spirit story of “broken relationships and healing forgiveness,” I was very conflicted. I was wrestling with God. We were in St. Augustine Florida at the beach enjoying a week apart. My son had called earlier in the week to say that my Daughter in law’s Dad, who we do not have a close relationship with, was at the point of death and that Hospice had called the family in. They were on their way to Hughes Springs Texas and wanted to know if we were planning to come for the funeral. If he passed, they were planning to have the funeral on Monday. Here it is Saturday and he still has not passed away and the Lord and my wife are saying you still need to go. I just didn’t see how we could do that, especially since he was still alive and they probably would not be having a funeral on Monday, and besides how could we make travel arrangements at this late hour.

    Then God spoke to me. At the bottom of Saturday’s Daily Text was a P.S. from JD that read, “Are you in the Tyler, Texas Area?” He was going to be preaching at Marvin UMC and was inviting anybody in the area to come see him. I immediately thought that if Tyler, Texas is anywhere near Hughes Springs, then this is a sign from God that I need to go. I reluctantly pulled it up on Google Maps and Tyler Texas was only 67 miles from Hughes Springs and only a little out of our way from Dallas Love Field, the closest airport. I thought ok Lord if this is really you, I am going to lay down another fleece (Judges 6). If we can get airline tickets this morning for Brunswick to Dallas for today, then I will go.

    You guessed it. We were able to get a flight that we could afford leaving Brunswick at 5:00pm. On one leg of the Journey, we got the last two seats available. If we chose to fly out on Sunday the price was double and we could not fly from Brunswick. With that I said yes Lord, and we booked the flights, packed up, drove to Brunswick, repacked and boarded the plane for Texas. We arrived 10:30am (Central Time), picked up our rental car and drove to Tyler to spend a very short night. The next morning we attended the 8:30 am contemporary worship service. We got to meet and hear JD speak. We then drove to Hughes Springs to be with my son and his wife, and the family. It was a wonderfully sweet time of building relationships and ministering to the family. I got to pray for my daughter in law’s Dad and her Mom and the family at the foot of his bed just hours before he passed away. There is more to this story, but I will save it for another day. Suffice it to say, that this was a lesson for me in revelation and response and that obedience is the way from Glory to Glory. Amen!