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  • David

    September 12, 2022 at 6:18 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, September 12, 2022

    I understand what JD is saying and I join him in confessing and repenting of my need for recognition, appreciation and validation from others. It’s not that I want or need the recognition, but that I want to do things that are worthy of recognition and appreciation. It is not that I want to do great things. I want a great God to use me to do meaningful things. I want my life to matter and I want to leave a legacy of faithfulness and righteousness. Is that a bad thing?

    I actually think Elijah was just stating the facts. He had been zealous for the Lord and they were out to kill him. As Bear Bryant said, “it ain’t bragging if it is true.” I suspect JD would still say this is “my own broken need for a glory of my own” and he is probably right, but I am not sure God would say that. I believe that I matter to God and He wants me to be recognized and appreciated for what I do in Christ because it brings glory to Him and it causes others to believe in Him.

    If Elijah did anything wrong, it was saying that I am the only one left. There were prophets before him and there were prophets after him. When we start thinking we are the only ones that are suffering is when we start thinking of ourselves more highly than we should. It is when we can become so self absorbed, we can’t see the plight and needs of others, or hear the whisper of God.