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Lauren Perry

I enjoyed this, although parts were challenging to read.

I am more of a quiet person but I do like to be recognized for things more than I should. But not too much, right, because being the center of attention makes my skin crawl 😅

For example: I’ve struggled in the past with wanting to post of social media the things I’ve been learning or my quiet time because there have been moments I post for the views and not because I want to share what God is doing in my life.

There are also times I hold back from sharing in a group settings because I am self-conscious about coming across as “look at me”. So I just sit silently.

It’s an odd struggle because I’m on two sides of the coin and there are certain situations and moments where I pick a side.

It makes me wonder, how do I get back to the basics? To just have a relationship with Jesus. How do I start there again?

*totally just spitballing my thoughts here. If they make a lick of sense, I don’t know haha