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I’m struggling with this format. Sorry not to reply sooner. (I don’t understand this forum thing… It’s not how our other group flows… Not giving up. 😅💜)

Boy, do I relate to the struggle with motive. Why do I write? Or post on Instagram? If it’s for my glory, I can feel it. Yuck😝 So I confess it and refocus on God. But I don’t stop writing. I endeavor for humility, to put God on the throne and not myself. But to give up sharing all the good things God has taught me with others is allowing fear to rule my decisions. It’s giving the enemy a foothold, even a win. Most of the time our sharing–in socials, in writing, in person–becomes an igniter for discussion or plants seeds for others or offers truth someone needs to hear. We can’t control outcomes. All we can do is hold onto God. And trust Him. (I’ll say, this little monologue here is as much for me as you. Sharing in person is no longer the issue for me. But having confidence in what God has given me to share in the world (ie: blog and socials) is an ongoing dialogue between Him and me…for all the reasons you describe).