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  • David

    September 19, 2022 at 6:15 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, September 19, 2022

    What is the core calling of every Christian? Today’s Wake-Up call makes it clear, we are to be a sanctified and holy people. As we say at The Chapel, We are to become like Christ for the sake of others. The way we do that is to follow Christ and obey His commandments and His great commission. Therefore the number one priority for me is to be a Disciple and to make Disciples. I agree with JD, “Our calling is not to do something; it’s to become someone,” but in my view and experience that requires both being and doing.

    Unfortunately, the number one priority for most churches is not discipleship and making Disciples. All you have to do is look at where we spend our money and time. We spend most of our time and money building the church and conducting a weekly worship service. Bounds is right, “The Church is looking for better methods. God is looking for better men.” Mike Breen nailed it when he said, “If you make disciples, you always get the church. But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples.” Our priority as a Church is to be Disciples who make Disciples of all people and the way we should do that is the way Jesus did it and the way Paul taught Timothy and the early Church to do it (2 Timothy 2:2).

    Becoming (calling) precedes doing (commission). For me responding to my calling means that I focus first on the second part of the Gospel, sanctification, which involves: Holy Discontent, Brokenness, Surrender and Submission, and a profound love of God and others. Then I focus on making Disciples and being a mentor and spiritual parent for others by showing them Christ.