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  • David

    September 24, 2022 at 7:07 am

    The Seedbed Daily Text, September 24, 2022

    I am enjoying this review of some of the best of The Daily Text, before we launch into the Wake-Up Call and a new series on the Kingdom of God. Today’s reading brings up an important transition for those who feel stuck and are concerned that their spiritual growth has stalled; for those wanting a deeper faith walk; and for those wanting to be more than a nominal Christian.

    George Barna’s research on “The Ten Transformational Stops” gives us an excellent framework for discussing this transition from the first part of the Gospel (Justification and Salvation) to the second part of the Gospel (Sanctification and Holiness). You can view an excellent summary by JD at https://vimeo.com/77166888.

    In my view and personal experience, this transition is usually the result of some crisis of faith or belief (Henry Blackaby). You reach a point where you say, is this all there is or you finally realize that the behavioral management approach to sin is not working for you. You have become burned out with church work, programs and activities. Believing and belonging is not getting the job done.

    This is what Barna calls Holy Discontent (stop #6), which I believe is the hinge point between transactional and transcendent or transformational faith. This is usually followed by a commitment to try harder to change. At some point you become broken by God with your inability to change and you finally just surrender and submit. Have your way with me Lord; do whatever you need to do to me to make me who you created me to be. This is when you move from help me faith to have me faith.

    The real question that begs an answer is why do only 11% of adults ever make this transition. That is the whole motivation behind Seedbed’s efforts to bring about a Great Awakening and start a Spiritual Revolution. I believe that the primary reason that most (89%) never make this transition is busyness and complacency. They have been told that they are ok and that God loves and accepts them just as they are. The church has invited them to be involved, but they have not challenged them to be sanctified and holy, and that they are to become perfect as their Heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48).