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  • David

    October 1, 2022 at 7:22 am

    The Wake-Up Call, October 1, 2022

    In my view, there are two major schisms in the Church that have hampered the fulfillment of Jesus’s Great Commission and His intentions for His Body on Earth, the Church. The first is the division between Jews and Christians. It’s called Replacement Theology and Supersessionism. It is the idea that the Church has replaced Israel. This is important to understand, but not really the point of today’s text and reading, so I will reserve that discussion for another day.

    The second major schism is the man made division between the Laos, the people of God, that has divided us into two classes of people, Clergy and Laity. This schism has turned the laity into spectators and volunteers who carry out the vision of the Pastor and Staff. I call it the Moses’s Syndrome. The Pastor goes up on the Mountain or to a Conference and hears from God. Then he or she comes down off the mountain and meets with the staff and they develop a vision and mission for the local church, that is usually manifested in a sermon series or new religious programs and activities that they then expect the Laity to support.

    I do not believe that this is the way Jesus intended for the Body of Christ to work on Earth. The Clergy and Staff are there to support and equip the Laity for the vision and mission of The Church that Jesus is building, which is to go and make Disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). We are all called to fulfill the Great Commandments and the Great Commission. We are all called to be ministers of God’s reconciliation and ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-20). We are all called to be players in our “present vocational role or station in life.” We don’t have to become clergy or full time staff. It is not a matter of sitting in the bleachers watching the game or just volunteering to sell popcorn and hotdogs. It is a matter of suiting up (discipleship) and getting into the game (Ministry).