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  • David

    October 23, 2022 at 7:27 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, October 23, 2022

    The statement that jumps out from today’s reading of E. Stanley Jones’s In Christ is “They strive but do not arrive. They are wistful, but never become witnesses.” I have often wondered if all that I am doing is “vanity and a striving after wind” (Ecclesiastes 6:9, ASV). Am I just being wistful, “sad and thinking about something that is impossible or past” (Cambridge English Dictionary) or am I being a witness for Christ?

    The answer that I have come to accept is that my efforts are vanity and a blowing in the wind, but His are not. I being made into a Disciple and a witness by Christ. There is a big difference in striving, and being and doing. Being is abiding in Christ. Doing is not striving it is surrender, submission (abandonment) and obedience. The making is in the doing not the striving.

    So the question I ask myself now is am I doing the things that will allow Him to make me into the man He created me to be? Am I being still and listening to His Holy Spirit, and am I being obedient and doing what He tells me to do? Lord, let it be so with me!