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  • David

    October 29, 2022 at 7:00 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, October 29, 2022

    I love this Holy Spirit story because it is about our “divine appointments” outside the church in our everyday life. Mark is an humble pastor in disguise, but we are all ministers in disguise. We can all have divine appointments with others if we are: awake, listening, aware, attentive, and attuned to the lives of others? I call these “hope encounters.” They are opportunities to listen to other people’s stories and to sow the love of Christ into their lives.

    In this season of my life, I am fisher of men in disguise as a fisherman. I invite people to go fishing with me and I listen to their stories. Then I share my story and help them connect the dots. It’s not complicated. Sometimes it is by divine appointment and sometimes it is intentional on my part. If I know someone who is struggling, I just ask them to go fishing with me. I listen, and then I just follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit, and sometimes I catch a lot of fish 🎣 and a few men along the way.

    My wife, Ann, and I like to eat out. We are ministers disguised as customers. We try to get to know our servers. We always ask them how we can pray for them. This practice has resulted in a lot of different hope encounters. We are all ministers of God’s reconciliation in disguise and we are on a mission from God to show the love of God to all that we encounter.