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  • David

    November 27, 2022 at 6:22 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, November 27, 2022

    Freedom and independence is a wonderful, precious, and costly state of being that is often misunderstood, taken for granted, or both. The Secretary of Defense and the Psychiatrist in today’s reading both equated freedom and independence with either opposition to oppression or conformity to a worldly system or organization. The freedom we have in Christ transcends both of these worldly conditions.

    Because Christ has overcome the laws of sin and death and all worldly systems of being. We can too, if we surrender to Him, but it does not come without a cost. This is where some confuse salvation and living in freedom from bondage to sin and death or oppression. Salvation is free, Discipleship is not. In order to be free indeed, we must join Christ in His suffering and death, and be resurrected (re-born) in Him. If we don’t stand with Christ, we will fall for anything.