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  • David

    November 28, 2022 at 6:01 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, November 28, 2022

    I have always thought of goodness as being a good person, but today’s reading reminds me that goodness is what flows out of the love of Christ in us and our gratitude for His goodness. It is what we do for others without any thought of reward or reciprocity. As JD says, goodness is the spirit of gratitude and generosity swelling up in you and overflowing to others.

    There is a sense of inner conflict brought on by your own sense of scarcity (lack of gratitude and generosity). For me, the struggle manifests itself in my need to be recognized and appreciated for my generosity and goodness. For example, every Thanksgiving Ann and I host a fish fry on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. It is not as elaborate as the Walt Farms Corn Supper, but it is a lot of work and fairly expensive. We don’t do all the work, but we are responsible for everything and we do most of the cleanup, which is actually more work than the fish fry. I sometimes find my (Martha) self asking why does no one help us with the cleanup? I also think that everyone just takes us and the Fish Fry for granted and they never bother to even thank us.

    I am not sure what JD would say, but I know of only one way to get beyond this struggle. It is the way of sacrificial unconditional love. We don’t love others; we are not generous; and we don’t do works of goodness because we want their reward or recognition. We do this as unto the Lord, because He first loved us and His goodness is everlasting. Our reward is in Heaven and in the laughter and fellowship that is associated with this act of goodness. It is a labor of love.