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  • David

    November 30, 2022 at 7:01 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, November 30, 2022

    Today’s reading is a hard one for me. I do not consider myself an especially gentle person, as some have described it. Therefore, if gentleness is a prerequisite to self control, as JD suggests, then I have a real problem. To add insult to injury I am also a control freak and I tend to live a Romans 7 life still struggling with my flesh. Actually, I think we all live somewhere between Romans 7&8, but that is no excuse.

    What I have learned is that gentleness (meekness) is not the quiet calm spirit of timidity and passivity that some use to describe it. Gentleness is not weakness. “Rather, it involves humility and thankfulness toward God, and polite, restrained behavior toward others. The opposites of gentleness are anger, a desire for revenge, and self-aggrandizement” (gotquestions.org). Actually it takes a strong passionate person to be gentle. Gentleness is passion and might under control. It is the rare combination of humility and grace.

    This understanding of gentleness helps me feel better about myself, but it does not let me totally off the hook. Gentleness also means to accept God’s ways and judgment on people and issues. It means that we give up the right to judge what is best for us and others. I tend to have a critical judgmental spirit toward myself and others who I observe doing wrong. I need to repent of this behavior. However, this does not mean “to go easy on people and try to justify actions that God has called sin. Or to let someone continue in sin without speaking the truth. This doesn’t mean to be so soft that the sinner doesn’t realize he’s sinned. It means to confront the brother in a manner that is in line with Scripture—to be mild, loving, encouraging, and clear about the holiness that God calls us to” (gotquestions.org). This is the gentleness that I desire and that I pray will lead me to greater self control.