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  • David

    December 15, 2022 at 6:41 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, December 15, 2022

    The struggle that I am having with this “Walk through darkness” is that it seems to dwell on darkness and despair and the hope of the coming of the light instead of celebrating the light that has already come; that it is here now; and that it is to come. The prophets were looking forward to the Messiah’s birth. We are looking back and celebrating His birth (First Coming) with Advent and Christmas and looking forward to His return to Earth (Second Coming) with Lent and Easter. I try not to dwell on the darkness, I try to stay in the light that has already dawned as our text proclaims.

    Having said that, Sarah makes two great points in her reflections today. First, “Sometimes, where people can provide everything for themselves, it can be harder to look to the Lord to supply their needs. What need do they have for Jesus if they have everything they need?” Our affluence and independence can cause us to miss the light that is here. We are asleep and are too self-sufficient to realize that we still need the light.

    Secondly, “If a person is unaware of their sin, it’s harder to hunger for a Savior to forgive them. Recognizing our need, our desperation, our brokenness, and our inability to rescue ourselves is the beginning posture for the glad arrival of a Savior. And there’s nothing like desperation to cause us to hunger for the relief light brings.” Confession, Brokeness, Discontent, and a contrite heart are necessary for us to receive the full measure of the light and to become Holy and Pure. People who believe or who have been told that they are all right just the way they are, can miss the power of the true light. Lord, help me to stay in the light!