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  • David

    December 21, 2022 at 6:56 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-UpCall, December 21, 2022

    There certainly have been times in my life when fear and doubt were my default reaction. If I were visited by a host of Angels, it would probably be an alarming experience and their declaration to be not afraid would be welcomed and comforting. However, fear and doubt are not my first reaction in times of darkness. I may doubt or fear God for a moment, but my desired default position is to love God and to trust and obey. This is based on years of experience, knowledge, understanding and walking in faith.

    My first reaction to darkness and despair is anger. Sometimes my anger is from righteous indignation. My anger is driven by contempt for something I perceive as unjust or morally wrong. Because we live in a broken, dark and unjust World, I stay angry a lot. I could site many examples, but that’s not my focus. This type of anger can be motivating and can result in speaking the truth and exposing evil deeds, if I am right.

    Sometimes my anger is driven by selfishness and self righteous indignation. I want to be in control and I am at war with God and other people rather than at peace with them. I see other people as obstacles or I am disgusted with them because they are different. This type of anger is toxic and destructive. It is from this type of anger and default reaction that I seek deliverance.

    I have observed that there are two common responses to anger. One is to denounce anger and to just accept everything and everyone as they are. It is often described in terms of love and tolerance. Some people even consider this response to be a spiritual merit badge or a sign of maturity and enlightenment. This is when the righteous (good) people just remain silent, ignore what’s happening, or even worse collude with it.

    The other response or default reaction is righteous anger under Christ’s control. This type of anger is characterized by humility, grace and truth. This is what I seek along with the virtues of hope, love, joy, and peace that Christ brings into the Darkness. Lord, let it be so with me.

    P.S. You are probably thinking what does this have to do with today’s reading, but it is what the Holy Spirit prompted me to consider today.