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  • David

    December 26, 2022 at 5:58 am

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, December 26, 2022

    Today’s text is familiar, but the reading presented a lot of new information and calls into question some of today’s Christmas traditions. The astrological explanation adds an academic presentation of hard scientific data that supports the Divine and Holy nature of the narrative. This is all interesting because my sacred pathway is my intellect, but I don’t need this level of detail to believe in my heart that the King of Kings was born on Christmas Day.

    What I find challenging is the caution to not get caught up in traditions, as meaningful and cherished as they may be, but rather to focus on Jesus, the purpose of His coming, and His mission on earth through us. As we discussed before, it is our response not our traditions that is important. The author’s questions are important in this regard:

    • How long does the Christmas celebration last in your home? Does twelve days feel too long?
    • How would you characterize the time between December 25 and the New Year, and your posture toward it? Indifference? Excitement? Apprehension? Melancholy? Is Jesus Lord of that time, too?

    The Christmas Celebration for my family is over the day after Christmas. The Twelve Days erroneously end with Christmas Day. The days after Christmas are spent cleaning up, taking down all the decorations, packing them up, putting them in the attic, and preparing for the New Years Day celebrations.

    I would characterize the time between December 25 and New Year’s Day as anticlimactic and a bit melancholy. Another Christmas has come and gone to what avail? What has changed? I definitely believe we should allow Jesus to be Lord of this time as well. How has this Christmas changed you and how will you respond in 2023?