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  • David

    January 23, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    The Seedbed Daily Wake-Up Call, January 23, 2023

    How are you learning to behold Jesus? By reading the Word and getting to know Him as a man. For example, what struck me in today’s scripture was that even though he was God, He obeyed His parents.

    How are you learning to treasure up and ponder these things in your heart? What impact is it having? By making Jesus my standard. I am slowly becoming more like Him.

    How are you turning your eyes upon Jesus? By reading, reflecting and recording my insights. By consecrating myself to Him. By listening to Him and doing what he tells me. For example, we were leaving a bar a grill last night where we had supper and there was a young girl with tattoos and piercings standing outside smoking a cigarette and crying. Normally, I would have just passed her by, but instead I stop and asked was she alright. She said yes, that she was just upset because her Mother had died recently. I offered to pray for her and she was very grateful. When I caught up to my boys, they asked me how much money I gave her. I said she asked for nothing and that I just prayed for her. I hope and pray that it was a witness for them.