8/3 Devotion

  • 8/3 Devotion

    Posted by John Swales on August 3, 2023 at 5:54 am

    I liked today’s devotion even though there’s little chance you’ll ever hear me singing those songs! What I found to be most interesting is how he rewords 16:20 as “I believe we will win”. Romans was written sometime in the mid 50’s AD. Revelation wasn’t written until the 90’s AD. So Paul simply believed 100% in his heart that God would crush satan based on pure faith. We have the luxury of knowing that God will destroy satan because of the Book of Revelation. We know what the future holds…our faith for victory is based on WHEN it will happen, not IF it will happen. Man, to have even a partial amount of the faith and dedication Paul had to Christ would be an incredible gift.

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  • jeowen

    August 3, 2023 at 9:00 am

    Good stuff for sure- I remember when that “I…. I BELIEVE….I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!” Chant was everywhere during a World Cup years back- it was awesome and a great parallel. I Thought it was great that the prayer of consecration touches on the heart eyes mind body. I view it as this-

    Heart: desires

    Mind: thoughts

    Eyes: where attention is directed

    Body: actions

    Having ALL efforts focused on Jesus and BELIEVING and claiming the Victory daily- minute by minute. And yea, loved the classic hymn- 👏🏻

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