Reply To: Believe That

  • jeowen

    August 9, 2023 at 7:55 am

    “Belieb dat”!!! haha

    I remember that, and your exactly right- for me this mornings devotion speaks the great depths of Gods love and drawing attention to the word “savior”. As Walt touches on, being born in SIN- but taking it further and being a slave to sin, due to a very surface level acceptance of Gods love and forgiveness- until by the grace of God he opens the eyes of the prodigal, and rescues him once again and the sinner sees the path of destruction he was on and discovers again through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit through Christ that he can “believe that”, with gratitude the promises, love and forgiveness that we’re once just words in a song or on a page- now offer life changing power, by the grace of God and His will for His glory alone.