Great Redeemers Praise Cover

A New Hymnal for
the Wesleyan Movement

Our Great Redeemer’s Praise is a comprehensive new hymnal for churches in the Wesleyan tradition. As the first major hymnal published in the past thirty years, it will serve a vital role in worship of congregations who look to the Wesleys as their spiritual ancestors. This 800-page hymnal contains more than 650 hymns, along with a partial Psalter, creeds, and liturgies common to all Wesleyan worshippers.

The development team conducted extensive research into the common hymnody contained in the previous hymnals of churches of Wesleyanism, identifying the core hymns used by all churches. Consultants familiar with worship in churches such as the Nazarene, Wesleyan, Free Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal, Christian Methodist Episcopal, American Methodist Episcopal Zion, Church of God in Christ, Salvation Army, Churches of God—Anderson and Cleveland, Anglican, United Methodist and the projected Global Methodist Church reviewed the preliminary song lists and submitted additional essential hymns to ensure that this hymn collection fully represents the breadth of the shared musical experience of our rich Methodist heritage.

The development team is led by Dr. Jonathan Powers, assistant professor of worship at Asbury Theological Seminary, assisted by managing editor Julie Tennent and others. The hymnal is projected to release in the fall of 2022. Preorders will begin in the spring of 2022.

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