Day 12 – Circle Your Wagons

In the beginning of my healing process, I remember feeling very weak and vulnerable. Being alone was a dangerous place for me because my emotions were all over the map! Fortunately, a very wise counselor encouraged me to circle my wagons by surrounding myself with people I could trust.

Circling the wagons was something the early American settlers did to protect themselves at night as they traveled in wagon trains. My wagons were good friends and family who were there for me when I was sad or confused. Fortunately, I had a good support system including a dear friend who called me every day to remind me how much God loved me!

In addition to the support of friends and family, my counselor recommended seeking medical help. She recognized that an antidepressant might help me manage my pain for a period of time until I was in a healthier place. Though it was hard to admit I needed help, God used the medication for a short time to bring balance to my emotions until I could once again make good decisions.

I share this so others will be encouraged to seek help and healing in whatever way the Lord chooses to provide. There is no guilt or shame in needing a doctor or medicine when we are sick. If allowed, God will often bring help in ways we never expect!

For those struggling with addiction, ongoing support and accountability are critical to avoid being pulled back into temptation. There are many wonderful resources and programs, such as Celebrate Recovery, that offer tools and support when we feel alone. Remember that God is a hands-on healer and although prayer is our most powerful resource, He also uses friends, counselors, online resources, books, and medical professionals to make us whole.

Though this book is meant to inspire hope for the miraculous in our everyday lives, I recognize that, for some, just getting out of bed in the morning can be a miracle. The first step for healing is admitting we need help. The next step is accepting God’s healing in whatever form it may take.

I recently heard a sad story of a young boy who died from pneumonia simply because his parents refused to seek the medical attention he desperately needed. They were waiting on God to heal him but somehow missed the answer God provided through medicine! What a tragic and unnecessary loss. Likewise, I wonder how many times I may have forfeited the Lord’s help in my life simply because I was too proud to accept it.

When Jesus walked the earth, He brought hope and healing into our broken world in a variety of ways. Sometimes He touched the sick and other times the sick touched Him. He called a dead man out of the grave and healed others who weren’t even in His presence. Then after the disciples had watched Him do the miraculous, He sent them out to do the same.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. (Matt. 10:8)

Notice how God was bringing His kingdom through ordinary people like you and me. The miracles we seek from heaven may be in the hands and words of those around us. Sometimes we just need to open our eyes and see them! May we have the grace and wisdom to recognize the Lord’s help when it comes and the courage and humility to receive it.

Father, forgive me for assuming I know what I need. When life is painful, help me remember that You alone are the Great Physician. Thank You for using my brothers and sisters in Christ to be Your hands of healing and words of encouragement. Give me the faith and humility to receive Your healing in whatever way You choose to bring it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Why do you think Jesus healed people in so many different ways?
  • Who or what could the Lord be using to bring healing in your life? Are you accepting the healing or resisting it? Why or why not?
  • Is there someone in your life that could use words of encouragement or support in their healing process?