Day 18 – The Real Idol

Ephesians 4:17–24

Yesterday we looked at the three two-faced idols under which all other idols fall. “Two-faced” meaning these idols have two sides, like a coin. To recap, they are:

  • seeking security (heads) or escaping insecurity (tails);
  • seeking power or control (heads) or escaping commitment, fear, or insignificance (tails); and
  • seeking pleasure (heads) or escaping pain or numbness (tails).

Again, idolatry is desiring these things more than we desire God. These idols lead to death of intimacy, love, and spiritual sensitivity. These things ultimately destroy our relationships with others, with ourselves, and with God.

Basically, then, we say, “I want to feel secure, I don’t want to feel insecure! I want to have control, I don’t want to be trapped! I want to feel good, I don’t want to hurt!” What is at the core of all three of these forms of idolatry? Ourselves! They are all about getting what we want. The real idol is the “me god,” who demands to be appeased by feeling secure, in control, or satisfied.

This “me god” may sit on the throne of all of our lives or it may only sit on parts of it. Though I had surrendered much of my life to the lordship of Jesus Christ at a fairly young age, I had not yet surrendered my ­children, my work, or certain aspects of my will. Much of our spiritual journey will involve surrendering the throne of various parts of our lives to Jesus. Sometimes this will be in loving response to what God has done for us, but other times it will be the result of our realizing that the “me god” is making a mess of things and we are on the road to destruction.

However, sometimes when the “me god” steps down, it is something other than Jesus who assumes the throne. More about that later.

Closing Exercise

Ask God to show you an area of your life not yet surrendered to him. Ask him to help you step down from the throne of that part of your life and allow him to assume authority. Share with your group if appropriate and ask them to pray with you about surrendering.