Day 19 – Heaven Come

And it will be in the last days, says God, that I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity; then your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams. I will even pour out My Spirit on My male and female slaves in those days, and they will prophesy.

—Acts 2:17–18

Recently, my family and I were on a trip with my husband’s tribe from his hometown. One morning toward the end of the trip, I was up as the sun was rising. I had a lot on my mind because we were headed home, and my thoughts were becoming consumed with all we had to do when we got back.

I was praying, but I wasn’t. I was praying without really forming words; but being a verbal processor, I reached a point where I felt an overwhelming urge to speak. Rather than allow words to pour out of my mouth, I stopped my natural tendency and asked the Lord a question: “What should I be praying for?”

I sat with my eyes closed for what felt like a long time. I started to become afraid I would miss what the Lord wanted to say, or I’d missed it already. As much as I like to talk, I’m also stubborn, so I decided to stay quiet and keep listening. After what felt like eternity, I opened my eyes and looked out on this beautiful scene of brilliant green and golden sunlight. The sun was pouring down on this cove of trees near where we’d parked our houseboat. I blinked a lot to allow my eyes to adjust. As I did, only one word pressed in my heart and mind: heaven.

When I look at this passage from Acts—which is the fulfillment of the prophecy from the prophet Joel in the Old Testament—heaven coming is what I see. God’s will is being spoken and acted out on earth. As the Holy Spirit enters in and dwells in our hearts, that’s exactly what we have: a total, unfettered reflection of heaven coming. The Holy Spirit immersing us, taking more of us into Himself is what “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done” (Matt. 6:10) really looks like. It is absolute truth and divine presence in our dimension, in our very bodies, and overtaking our souls.

Thanks to Jesus’ death and resurrection, what could never dwell together before now can. That reality shift in this passage also tells me all people have access to God—regardless of race, age, gender, or social status. It doesn’t matter who or what you have been, you are invited to swim in the ocean of the loving presence of God Almighty.

Following that word on that brilliant morning, I walked through my relationships. My prayers were emboldened by imagining heaven coming into each circumstance. I thought of my husband, my children, and their future; my mom and my brother; my closest friends; and my church community. I lifted up a heart full of glorious hope, putting each person and situation right into God’s hands. The light of that morning reminded me of the light shining into all the dark places. The heat I felt in that summer sunrise told me God’s love would warm even the coldest spots in life. It is in, by, and through the Holy Spirit in us heaven will come to earth.


Come, Holy Spirit. I place all that I am and all I have into Your hands and into Your light. I thank You for transforming it all for Your glory. Let heaven come! In Jesus’ name, amen.


Take a few moments to listen to what the Spirit is speaking in this passage and the meaning it has for your life.

Band Discussion

  • Can you recount an experience where the Lord unexpectedly but powerfully spoke to you about how He was working in your life?
  • What do the words “heaven come” mean to you?
  • How can that transform your prayers for yourself, your loved ones, and your world?